Spec Like a Champ Campaign

Fiberglass and PVC-coated steel conduit go head to head with knockout results. Ding ding!

  • Client

    Champion Fiberglass

  • Deliverables

    Eblast series
    Digital banner ads
    Microsite with statistics, product comparisons and conduit quiz
    Chance to win PGA Tour tickets

  • Awards

    Lantern Award for Integrated Marketing Communications Program
    Lantern Award for Microsite (speclikeachamp.com)
    Award of Excellence for Banner/Button Ad
    Lantern Award for Email Campaign

The Task

To encourage engineers and contractors to change their default conduit choice from PVC-coated steel to fiberglass, Champion Fiberglass needed to elevate its product and brand awareness.

The Answer

We connected with our facts-focused audience by rolling out a fun, informative lead-generation campaign to educate targets as to why fiberglass conduit is the superior option. To get their attention, we approached it from the angle of a sports tournament. Each piece featured fiberglass duking it out via statistical comparisons with the reigning champion, PVC-coated steel—with fiberglass taking the lead in each category. Our CTA was to “spec like a champ” in future projects, leading to a microsite with winning stats, direct comparisons, and a short quiz with a chance to win PGA tour tickets.

The Outcome

Proving that nothing speaks to engineers quite like the facts, our Spec Like a Champ campaign paid off in dividends. Champion Fiberglass enjoyed a 20 percent increase in revenue between 2014 and 2015, in which this campaign was one of two primary marketing efforts. Paid digital media drove more than 33 million impressions with over 122,000 clicks to the microsite and an overall CTR of 0.37% (well surpassing the industry average of 0.06–0.10 percent).